Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How much does mt1 cost?


50mg mt1 starter kit: $165/GBP 110
Injection needles: $20/GBP 15
Bacteriostatic water: $15/GBP 12 (this will probably last you a good 3 months)

Per month (assuming 2 tanning sessions a week, 4mg day of tanning, 1mg every other day)

$165/GBP 110 for mt1
$10/GBP 7 for needles
$5/GBP 3 for water


I have not personally used melanotan2 (mt2) however i do know a bit about it which i shall share with you. Chemically mt1 and mt2 are actually different, they only share the name and effects of tanning. Mt2 has been around a few years less than mt1, it is also approximately 11 times 'stronger' with regards to the amount required to tan. I believe it is also available as a nasal spray as well as injections, compared with mt1 which there is no nasal spray (but most likely to be a controlled implant under the skin).

However mt2 does cross the blood/brain barrier, which means it can interact with the brain cells much more than mt1, which does not cross the bb barrier. This was one of the major decisions which lead me to choose mt1 over mt2. There are also more side effects associated with mt2.

On a plus note, mt2 is regarded as cheaper in the sense that you do not need as much of the drug to achieve a tan. Most users will not go above 0.5mg a day, whereas mt1 users can inject 4-5mg without worry.

Miscellaneous differences include mt2 darkening facial hair and head hair much more than mt1. There is also an increase in sexual libido with mt2, which is not seen in mt1. This is the easiest way to differentiate between a sample of melanotan to decide which it is. Most male users of mt2 will experience erections the morning after if they inject the previous night, sometimes lasting for a couple of hours.

Melanotan 1

Melanotan 1 (mt1) has been around since the early nineties and allows people with ANY skin type to tan. I shall repeat this, people with skin type 1 (pale skin) who have NEVER tanned in the sun will most likely go brown using melanotan1. I have personally used mt1 for 3 months now and get compliments about how brown i am! I am a type 1 skintype! Melanotan1 is currently near the end of its phase 3 trial in Australia where it is hoped to be marketed to prevent skin cancer.

What you will need:

Firstly you will need the neccessary equipment. Purchase a 50mg mt1 kit from a supplier on the internet. In some countries it may not be legal to buy melanotan, so be careful. Check your current local legislation. Some countries allow you to purchase melanotan, but only for research. You will need syringes and also sterillised (bacteriostatic) water. Alcohol pads can be useful but i personally did not use them. When purchasing melanotan try to opt for an American lab-made sample.

How to inject

Draw 100 units of the bacteristatic water from the bottle and squirt into the mt1 bottle. This will usually contain 10mg of mt1. Therefore for every 10 units of water you have 1mg of mt1. Mt1 in powder form can be stored for ages, however when mixed with bacteriostatic water, the usual timelife is about 2-3 weeks. Keep the mixed compound in a fridge, along with the remaining spare bacteriostaic water.

Loading stage

It is best to start with a small doseage of about 0.5mg (5 units on the syringe) the first time you take. Personally i only had a facial flush and a few extra freckles as a side effect, but some people can feel slightly sick as well. Inject into a pinch of flab- most people choose a few inches either side of their belly button. If you do notice extra moles appearing in first couple of weeks do not worry- it is showing that the peptide is working. However people may wish to speak to a dermatologist before taking mt1/mt2 because they may be susceptible to more moles than others.

Usually for mt1 you will need to carry the loading process for 1-2 months. You are getting your skin ready to tan. I started on 0.5mg and increased my doseage by about 0.1-0.2 mg every few days until i was injecting 4mg a day. When i reached around 60mg in total i visited a sun bed- doing 6 mins at first. I was still white, but i had not burnt. For me being a type 1 this was amazing in itself, let alone when i began to get a tan weeks later....

Maintenance stage

After the first sunbed at 60mg i kept loading 4mg a day until i got closer to 100mg, because according to many i have spoken to, this is where 'loading' is finished. By this point i was quite comfortably doing 9 minutes on a sun bed. The secret to getting the best tan was to take 4mg an hour before i visited the tanning salon. Once i had got a nice tanning colour i did not have to load up anymore, but i just took 1mg every other day and 4mg on the day i visit the tanning salon. I suggest no more than 1-2 visits per week.

You may get better results by using multiple injections and splitting the doseage up, but this will depend on your lifestyle commitments (dont turn up to work with a facial flush!). Eg when taking 4 mg an hour before using the sunbed you may wish to take three 1mg, 1,5mg and 1.5mg injections.

To summarise:

Loading (0mg to 80mg)
-0.5mg initially
-increase by 0.1-0.2 mg every couple of days
-maximum 4-4.5mg per day
-60mg+, 6-7 mins sunbed, 1-2 times a week

Maintenance (80mg-100mg+)
-80mg+, 8-9 mins sunbed, 1-2 times a week
-1mg every day/other day
-take 4mg one hour before sun bed

I am not taking responsibility for people reading and acting upon my advice, i am reporting what i have done and the results of it- offering suggestions along the way. Currently mt1 and mt2 are illegal to be sold in certain countries (but not to buy) so check your local legislation first. It can be legal to purchase mt1 for 'research' purposes in some countries.